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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dead Beat DadISM

UGH! ONE WORD...That sums up what word I WANT to express how I really feel about Dead Beat Dads.
(Yes I know their are Dead Beat Moms also, But today I will focus on these MEN. Well they are not REAL men but we will call them that for now.

I can't fathom how so many of these men can just drop their kids. Or get a woman pregnant to never speak to her again. Or tell a child they are coming and never show (this is the worst).

Since the day I became pregnant I was a mother. My husband was a father. It did not start when my child was born. It did not start on my child's first birthday. Us being parents started the very day I put urine on a stick and saw 2 lines.

You have to be a pretty big piece of poop to NOT want to see your child. Think of all the sweet moments that are missed. The cuddly, precious smiles. Yes I know there are poopy diapers and spit up along the way but those moments are easily forgotten when you hear a "Ma-Ma".

How can any man not stake claim on their child?
How can not support your child with Love unconditionally?
How can you do this to your child's mother?
 She was good enough for you to lay up with. I DON"T CARE anything about the relationship with the mother. If she has YOUR child you respect her and get along with her for your child. SUCK IT UP.  GET ALONG. SHOW LOVE and try, try, try to give your child a great life.
The statistics are true. Sadly, they are. Girls without fathers will seek that love from the WRONG MEN.
Boys without fathers will rebel and go down the wrong road. (I know that this doesn't always happen, but in most cases.)

When my kids tell me stories, I can usually automatically figure out that the child they are telling the story about doesn't have a father at home.



Be a father that your son can be proud of. You should see the way MY SON looks at HIS FATHER. His father teaches him daily. My 8 year old son will hold the door for any woman. Because his dad has taught him. He can build ramps for his hot wheels...because his dad taught him.

You are a statistic if you are a Dead Beat.


The Croods in 3D Preview Review

I can't tell you the last time I got all giddy over a movie I thought would be strictly for little kids. Yes I am talking about the Croods! I remember laughing out loud (LOL) at the first preview I viewed. The family was standing there and Dad  Crood says "This is what I call a snapshot," next thing you know a big rock jumps up and smacks them all in the face leaving an imprint of all of them on the rock.
Yes I was laughing like an 8 year old kid!  They learn a whole new life awaits them and meet wonderful, animated creatures along the way!

There is a  wonderful tag a long, BELT,  that constantly sings DUH DUH DUH..in the most annoying but lovable voice ever.

The Croods seems like it is going to be a modern day Flintstones! If you are my age you definitely know what I am talking about. I can't wait to take my kids to see this movie! Yes that is right...I CAN'T WAIT.

Let me share a little with you...take a peek at the trailer!

Also you can check The Croods out on Facebook! And visit their WEBSITE for even more FUN!
This movie looks 2 cute!

The cast is wonderful including Ryan Reynolds, Nicholas Cage and Emma Stone just to name a few!

The Croods from Dreamworks Animation is in 3D! YEAH! SO go on over and check out all the fun on the website and come back after you see the movie to tell me what you think of it!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

FREE $15 Credit for New EDUCENTS


Parents, teachers any of you...EDUCENTS is a new website that will launch April 2nd. It seems to be very similar to a Groupon type of deal....Sign up now and get a voucher for $15 $10to use when they launch!

I CAN"T WAIT...There is nothing wrong with a FREE $15.00$10.00!

Have a Great Day


Sunday, March 3, 2013

How I was able to watch American Idol

Does anything ever happen in you house that is so SUPER cute you want to share with the world! This is MY Share. Here is the back story. My child Charlie who is 8 was being creative with the DVD cases and building a tower....NOW NOW I know these aren't a toy but he was gleefully allowing me to watch American Idol by keeping himself busy with this! He was so excited that it was ACTUALLY working that he was innocently giggling out of control.

If you have had a bad day this will turn it around! If you have had a great day this will add a little more Sunshine! It will for sure make you laugh! It is under a minute and totally worth that minute of your life!!

ENJOY! Smile & Share with someone who needs a smile!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Tooth Fairy Skipped Our House

As  a parent, I don't have many regrets. I try my very best each day and if I make mistakes well then I know not to do it again. Parenting is a big whopping life lesson that we try to score 100%. We all know that isn't going to happen. It isn't rational.  I can count on one hand (maybe two) things I wish I had done differently or things I could change. I can count on my fingers and toes all the silly mishaps that I can't take back but that my children will one day laugh at.

I have decided to share one of those with you today! I have 3 kids. I call them my Chilly's. (short for children!)  My oldest K lost her first tooth when she was 7.  The Tooth Fairy skipped our house! WHAT!??? I felt like the worst parent in the whole entire world.  The night before we tucked K in and went over what might happen with the tooth fairy and how much money would she leave. She was so super excited. While waiting for K to fall asleep I must have fallen out myself. I woke up the next morning to K shaking me awake so very upset that her tooth was still there and that she had no money. MY HEART FELL as low as it possibly could. How could I do this to my sweet baby girl who believes so very much in Fairies and Princesses and the whole shebang.

I covered it up with a story that once happened to "my friend". I explained that sometimes so many children can lose their teeth all in one day and the Tooth Fairy can get too busy just like us humans. I calmed her down and she patiently waited to go to sleep that night. She had a lot of "what if" questions.
 I set an alarm on my phone and my alarm clock. I wasn't breaking her heart again!

K woke to a letter from the Tooth Fairy. It was a very pretty, colorful letter with glitter that explained what happened and that she was so super sorry. The Tooth Fairy also asked K to forgive her for hurting her feelings, which K did. ( A sneaky lesson!)  The Tooth Fairy left EXTRA money just this once and explained that she wouldn't get extra next time, that she would get the same as the other kids from here on out. (That is how I made myself feel better! A couple extra bucks!)

So parents, the next time you forget or you think you have scarred your chilly's over something like this. ...Remember this article and that WE ALL DO IT! We make silly errors that will one day make GREAT stories!

Has the Tooth Fairy ever skipped your house!? Please tell ME I am not the only one!!!!!