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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Lake~A great way to forget about the bills!!

We are campers. We love to go to the lake. If I had it my way we would have a house down there and go every single weekend. (maybe one day). I sometimes dream of living there but there are very few places to get a job, besides the local diner that employees probably 10 people total.

When I head to the lake I know that for 3-5 days I will have NO problems. It is a great way to forget everything for a couple of days. I absolutely take advantage of this. I don't worry about a single thing.

My favorite part of the lake is this:
                    I generally will always wake up before everyone else. I like to quietly sneak out of the tent and sit by the fire (that I usually have to cheat to light) and just listen to the morning sounds. The early birds, the early birds going out on their boats and making slow waves hit. There are sounds of other campers waking up for the morning and starting breakfasts   There is ALWAYS a family of ducks. Ducks are pretty amazing. The babies really count on their mothers.  It is very relaxing and my brain can actually relax. This is by far what I look forward to when going camping.

I highly recommend taking a camping trip with your family. It is a great way to bond. There are several things to do. We don't have a boat and it is sooo much to rent one. We do not lack things to do.
We stay at the campground beach a lot. There is a park there and a volleyball net. We go hiking and FISHING and we even have found a local waterfall that we now go enjoy. They have movie night on Saturdays. There is a big white wood board and they use old style projectors. You bring blankets and snacks and have a good ol time!

It is an all around cheap family trip also. The food is probably the most expensive but you can coupon your way there!! 

The time is here and I am ready to pack up and go..!

Here are a few pictures of us at the lake!

Heading to the beach for the day!


Sand Castle Competition!

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