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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Top 9 Reasons I am aggravated with Zimmerman Case

9.  IT IS STILL THE TOP NEWS STORY EVERYWHERE.  Do we really no have any other major stories that need reporting?

8. The facts are still all mumbo jumbo and people still BELIEVE the MEDIA

7. So many people have not formed their own opinion on this. They are listening and judging based on what others say or what they hear. Most people have not actually read up on any of this and have no idea what is going on.

6. I am sick of people making this a "Race Case". It may be an idiot case, or  an immoral guy on a power trip case, however it is not a Hate crime. He was NOT killed because he was black.Lets take race out of this horrible tragedy. That will only keep us divided.

5.  Martin was not completely innocent like we have been led by the media to believe.  He was reported to be on top of Zimmerman punching him MMA style (per witness statement)...I do not think any reason whatsoever justifies a murder. But he was fighting as well.

4.  This corresponds a little to #7. WHY are there articles titled "White famous people who are standing up for Trayvon Martin? Or "5 Things WHITE people can learn from Rachel Jeantel? These are just 2 examples. Our country will continue to be racists as long as articles calling each race out continue to flow. I am bugged about how many "white and ghetto" articles have come out of this.

3.. THE MEDIA..They have taken this case and ran with it. They have put out lie after lie. They have embellished so many things that they have us believing a whole different story. (EX. The picture they orginally put out of Trayvon Martin was that of him at 12 years old. So we were led to believe that he was a boy. Not a nearly grown man( not that it matters) but misleading, or they were saying Zimmerman was a "white man" when in fact he is Hispanic and has declared himself as a Hispanic male.  Media, Please quit stoking the flames.

2. I am aggravated that people can NOT accept our judicial system. We are innocent until proven guilty. Zimmerman was found not guilty. He was found NOT GUILTY of 2nd degree murder. HE was tried fair and square by the court of law. Jurors heard his case, deliberated and came to the verdict. It is not a conspiracy. It was not people getting together and saying  'How can we piss the world off?' It was a TRUE case Tried.  Why can Americans Not accept this?   My opinion is because the MEDIA declared him guilty before being proven innocent. 

1. The way Americans are behaving in the aftermath of the verdict.  The lastest I heard this morning is that a Mexican Hispanic man was attacked by 3 African American men all the while shouting "This is for Trayvon" They recorded this. They beat the man to a pulp and are PROUD of this.
A white waiter was smashed in the face with a hammer like object for trying to calm the crowd.
In Oakland, Dumpsters were overturned and Police cars were spray painted.Windows were smashed out of local business windows and fires were started. Chunks of concrete were thrown at our American officers.
These Americans are showing that they are VIOLENT AND IGNORANT.  This is NOT United we Stand.
I can't believe how these people are behaving. This doesn't fix anything. If anything, it makes certain races look bad. Stop making yourself look bad. Don't add fuel to fire of racial sterotypes. THat is the only outcome I can see happening.

These are my own opinions. My name is Jessica and I am a 35 year old white woman. I have followed the case. I am not a closed minded individual. I do not consider myself to be racist. I am not a Black and White person. I believe in the GRAY area. I do not believe that this young man was killed by a racially motivated individual. I believe he was killed by an idiot.
I do NOT expect anyone or everyone to agree with me. I would just like people to educate themselves. This could be used as a great learning tool for so many things.

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