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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Yes these are my top 10 stupid things on my mind this week..Keeping that in mind these are things that may have already happpened (not this week) But they are very much on my mind this week!

10.  NORTH WEST  WTF! WTH! OMG! What have these parents done to this child. I personally despise Kanye West and I have no real opinion on Kim K...However, they are adding feul to my dislike fire by naming there baby something so ignorant. I think NORI is cute..BUT this child will be made fun of all of their life...
                         While reading up on STUPID ASS baby names I found another that is equally as ignorant as NORTH WEST!    ROB MORROW after a drunken conversation stuck with the drunken name for their baby girl Tu. Yes that's right Tu! As in Tu Morrow. Again, WTF!
   So I guess today's Poll is Which is the Stupidest baby name of them all?
       A. North West
       B. Tu Morrow
       C. Both equally as Stupid!

9.  Twitter. I am 35 years old. I am the generation that didn't get the technolgy until after high school!  MYSPACE was awesome followed up by a much better and fantastic FACEBOOK! Then some person decided to throw in Twitter and Hashtags  (oh YES that is a baby's name also! click here) I can't completely figure Twitter and the Hashtags out. I try. Ive tried several times. I just don't know how it works..I ask my 16 year old for help and all I get is an EYEROLL!!

8.  SHARKNADO! Enough said! ( I am sure I will still watch)

7.  THE stupid HOT that it is. It is so stinking hot. I can't even go outside at night without breaking out in an overall sweat. Places will sweat where I didn't even know I can sweat!  I don't want winter by any mneans but I would like to be able to breathe when I walk out side! Bye Bye Humidity!

6. They put the Boston Bomber on the cover of Rolling Stone..Yea Ya I know everyone has an opinion on this...Here is MINE.   They are selling out to SELL OUT of magazine. DON"T BUY IT. People will and that is why they did it. I WON"T BE SUPPORTING their Sell Out SELL OUT!

5.  Why do I care about Justin Biebers 16th tattoo in 3 years?

4. Honey BOO BOO's scratch and sniff..I came home and my daughter says here pick a number. I pick 6. She then advises me to scratch and sniff! Since she is my sweet daughter I played along thinking it was gonna be some old school strawberry shortcake stuff or anything related..NO INSTEAD IT WAS A SCRATCH AND SNIFF OF HONEY BOO BOO AND HER POO FOR A PROMO FOR THE SEASON PREMIER.
YUCK YUCK YUCK!  I so hope your daughter didn't trick you!

3, 2 and 1. 
We are just gonna sum up these last 3 with my number one so I can write about it all as I have the past few days (click here to see my other one and here)  
I am so angry with some of our fellow Americans.
I am so tired of hearing of Zimmerman and how he is GUILTY when infact he was proven NOT GUILTY.
I wish people would let the Martin family be. Let them grieve, wallow, deal with the verdict and last but not least heal.

What about you...what is on your STUPID list this week! I love to hear it! DON'T FORGET TO ANSWER THE BABY NAME POLL!!

Want to know why I am so upset with our Americans who are acting crazy about the verdict. See yesterdays post right here and here!

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