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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Big Stinker

OK!OK! I know some women don't care to just let one rip anywhere, anytime in front of anyone BUT (Big BUT) I am not one of those!

I can remember the very first time I farted (ok who came up with that word) in front of my now husband.  We were wrestling around and he was tickling me. There were a few other people sitting just steps away. Mid tickle, a short but lout fart managed to escape. I came to a frozen halt, staring at CAB (My honey)! He realized in about a millisecond what had just happened. He then immediately took blame for the short, loud fart. YEP! He pretended like it was him. With the others just a couple steps away, I was dying inside of embarrassment! But he took all the heat! One of the many reasons I love that man!

Still to this day, unless I absolutely have no choice, I still do not fart in front of this man. I just don't. This man has watched me birth 3 children. They will outfart each other. I am just sitting over here saying 'Moms don't fart!'  (The kids believed me for awhile!!)

I have one friend that don't give one little poop (pun intended) about letting one rip in front of her man.  ANother girl told me that she goes #2 with the door open!! WHAT!!!!!???? I would never!

So what do you think? Is it ok to let one rip? Or do you like to pretend us women don't fart!!?


  1. Your husband knows you best. You just fart in your sleep :)

  2. lol my good friend told me she sneaks out in the garage to do it. lolol

    1. well that is definitely a lot of work!

  3. He took the blame - what a gentleman!! LOL!


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