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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Last Santa

I am very sad to say that this is going to be my last year playing Santa. I have 3 kids,  one who still is a believer. He is 8 and has been told that the parents put the presents under the tree, there is no Santa, Santa got ran over by a reindeer and many more stories. I had to WORK very HARD to keep him believing.I NEEDED one more Christmas. I enjoy the innocence. It is truly Magical to their wondering brains. Pure excitement and joy during every single moment. I will miss this. My kids are grateful for everything. They truly are, however, it is not quite the same once they know. They still get excited and still wake up all hours of the night! But at the end of the day THEY KNOW.

Speaking of...We actually made it to 5 AM. My rule is that you can't get up until daylight. If it is before daylight you can crawl into my bed and wait for Santa there! Little Charlie, the believer, woke me at 5. He then tossed and turned and tried very hard to fall back to sleep. He kept me awake trying to fall asleep. Finally we got up. JUST ME AND HIM! I spent a whole hour with him. My Last Christmas getting to be SANTA. I listened to his excitement and let him open up his stocking before we woke everyone else up! I took in every last moment that I could. And he unknowingly indulged me! I will one day share the story of how we spent my Last SANTA Christmas together. And how we got that one single hour in! He will appreciate it when he has kids! It means the world to me. He woke up early for a reason. The reason is so that Mommy can have that last little kid, innocent, genuine moment with her last "baby".

I am sad. But they have to grow up
. One day  I will be a grandparent and get to somewhat enjoy it all over again!
 I am so blessed to have my family.
 I am so blessed that I was able to get them some of the things they wanted.
 I am blessed that they are equally as grateful! 

Merry Christmas to all of You! Happy New Year!!


  1. That's so sweet! My son is just a baby, but I'm looking forward to precious moments like this with him! Merry Christmas!

  2. That's sweet- it's nice to keep them young for as long as possible!

  3. aw i'm lucky in that my son is 12 and though i'm pretty sure he knows about Santa he plays along for my sanity he gets excited, tracks Santa on the computer I know he does it to humor me but it's fun.

  4. So sweet. I remember the last year my daughter believed, I also tried so hard to keep her believing. Sweet memories..

  5. Aww I bet that was nice getting to enjoy those moments with him.

  6. I do not look forward to the "last Santa" year with my 6 year old. :-(...glad you had those moments with your son!


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