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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 blocks to school in the snow

I did it! I officially made myself feel old to my children today! Let me just put out there that I am 34 years old. I have 3 kids that are 15, 10 and 8. I consider myself a young momma especially to my 15 year old.

Here is the story:
On the road my son made a comment that gas was down to $3.07. He can't believe it's a whole dollar cheaper than a couple months ago...so I got to explaining why.

THEN I MESSED UP> I told the story of how when I was 16 and started to drive that gas was only .79 and that $7 could fill you up. Then when gas went to $1.10 everyone was so mad. They were angry and would line up for .99 gas sales.

That is when I realized I just told my very own " I used to have to walk 5 miles to school in 3 ft of snow story!"

Back in the day is not a phrase I will be using again. I am officially NOT cool any more! I am OLD! According to my kids!

I will tell you this. $3.07 is the cheapest I have seen in quite awhile. I keep waiting for the BUST in the gas price. It almost seems way too good. FUNNY how they have tricked us into thinking that 3 bucks a gallon is cheap!!

Do you remember how much gas was when you started driving???


  1. I tell my kids the 99 cent gas story often... I also use it as great example of rate of change in my statistics classes... btw, I paid $3.539 per gallon yesterday

  2. I recall that gas was .99/gal for a special, but normally was about $1.19 or so.....seems like forever ago I saw prices below $2

  3. I have found myself telling my daughter stories like this. I sound so old sometimes, lol.

  4. Well...I still have no drivers license! Yikes. But .99 does sound way better than $3.70!

    From PDX with Love

  5. I do remember - I can remember when it was 1.00 even and I thought it was so cool because it was the exact same amount as your gallons. ;)

  6. My 5 year old asked me if they had shoes back in my day, while I know 30 is almost old. Not that old lol.

  7. (on hubby's account) I freaked out when it first went over 1.50.

  8. 1971....I believe it was 25 cents a gallon. Thanks for the memories. And yes I did walk to school in the cold and snow but not five miles. ;)

  9. I'm fairly young (24) and gas was right at $1 when I started driving!


  10. oh god! Don't even get me started on gas prices! it used to be like 3/4 cheaper than what it is now! I can't believe it! And that was only 12-15 years ago!


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