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Friday, February 22, 2013

6 Stupid Words

Do you ever wonder where words come from? Who makes up new words for new things? While saying a word out loud this week I thought this has to be the most Stupid word ever! That made #1 on my list! Read on to see if you agree with my Stupid words! Please add any Stupid words that stick out for you  in the comments!

I challenge all of you to say these aloud. You can't fully understand why they are on the list until you say them aloud! Now if someone is in the room with you please note they make think you are a little bit crazy!!

6.  Butt. Try it in a sentence! My butt is cute! She has no butt!  There are several other words that come in handy and are much better than butt. Booty, bottom, trunk are a few! I personally use booty!

5. Boobs & Titties! This one goes hand in hand with Butt for me! BOOBS! Titties!! Who in the world decided calling our breasts BOOBS!? AND it stuck! BOOBS! BOOBIES! Again, there are several alternatives! The boring ol Breasts. Tits, bosom, knockers, hooters, canons, rack, melons...THIS LIST COULD GO ON FOREVER! (maybe that is a whole other post!)

4.  POOP! Again, how did poop come to be the name of our bowel movements. Poop! Say it. Also take a Sh*t falls in with the who came up with it?  Poopy Poopy poopy...NEED I SAY MORE!!!?

3.  Booger. Yucky old booger. What else would we call a booger? I have no idea but it is still a silly word 
and sounds silly when you say it aloud!

2.  Fart! Did you fart? Who farted. Fart! 

1.  Stupid! This is the word that got me writing this post. Say it out loud! "STUPID"! How stupid is stupid? It is a funny sounding word!!! Also try stupidity! Sounds just as STUPID!!

What word do you think should be on this list??? I;d love to here your STUPID words!!!

Have a great day!


  1. I agree that boobs needs to be its own post. This reminds me of a movie we watched where they were wondering who figured out that sticking up your middle finger could be used as an insult.

  2. hahaa, I've never really thought about where words actually came from but after staring at some words when I'm writing I begin to wonder if I've spelled them correctly. They start to look weird after a few seconds.

  3. Okay, you made me giggle with half of these!

  4. I really dislike the world "hubby". It just sounds weird. But then again, "booger" just sounds gross. LOL

    1. OOOOHHHH good one! And i use hubby all the time! But you are right it does sound silly!

  5. I would rather refer to my breasts as boobs instead of tits...and we say butt at home (sounds less ridiculous than heiny). Oh well...as to farts and boogers...well I have two boys and I hear these two words a lot!

  6. I wonder sometimes also... Great post..

  7. LOL what a fun post! I'd have to add Dookie to my weird word list lol.. I say it alot.

  8. Thanks for the laugh. I agree with most of these. I think klutz is a pretty stupid word, who came up with that? :)


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