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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I have very vivid dreams. I wake up and can normally remember my whole dream. I think it's amazing how your subconscious can store things for later and then treat you or haunt you with crazy visions!

I can remember being 11 years old and having a dream about my dad and my best friend dying. (They are both still alive) I was at their funeral and sobbing loudly. I woke up and I was really crying. This is probably when my infatuation with dreams began. How can I cry in my dream and really being crying!??

I have also had the same dream a gazillion times. Each time I am in a jungle/safari like setting and I am trying to climb rope steps up a gigantic hill. I am scared and freaking out the whole time. I have no idea why I have this dream. I am scared of heights in real life but I don't think these two things are related.  This dream is also very colorful. All the colors are extra bold and detailed. Weird right!?

I came across this article that I wanted to share.

It is the 10 MOST AMAZING FACTS ABOUT DREAMS!  If you are a dream lover like me you will appreciate it. My 2 favorite facts are #8 and # 3.
#3 talks about our soul leaving our body and #8 is about how our real life is incorporated into our dreams! You will see why these 2 are my favorite.

Which ones can you relate to? Click the link below to read all 10! Let me know what you think!


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