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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Christmas Ideas for Teens

Well if you are anything like me...when I try to come up with gift ideas for my teenager it usually ends up being a true FAIL! THE MAIN REASON WHY (IN MY OPINION) If I pick something out she absolutely HATES it! Even though I know that if she would have spotted it 1st she would have snatched it up. So just because I suggested it, it then becomes a BIG OL NO NO NO OR AN EEEEEE! NO ! So then I find myself stumped on gifts..I usually have 1 or 2 things I know will go over well. It is just filling in the SANTA gifts where i get stuck! And I surely can't explain the littles why SANTA doesn't buy teenagers stuff they hate!!
 So I was googling...trying to find gift ideas and see what the HOT gifts are this year and I came across the article of GIFT IDEAS FOR TEENS! There are a couple that don't or won't apply to me but overall the list seems pretty straight on! It gave me a few ideas. So i thought I would SHARE!!!
 Funky T-shirts with unusual messages and your teenager's face on it will certainly be a cherished gift for a college going teenager.
 If you have been squabbling with your teenage kid about getting the piercing or a body tattoo, you may be able to iron your differences this Christmas by gifting them a makeover gift certificate instead of a safe and quality beauty saloon.
 Buy them a designer dress, watch, purse, wallet or accessory and see your prince or princess glow on Christmas with delight
. Camping gear, study tour packages, first drives on Ferrari, military tank or your teenager son's favorite car or getting them enrolled into a car driving training school can be some of the best Christmas gifts, active teenagers will love.
 Today's techno-kids love latest gadgets such as their own PCs, mobile phones, music systems, home theater systems, IPods, DVD players and video games.
 Funky alarm clocks will help to wake up your kid for college in time. Clocky, the latest invention might be the one you will need. This alarm clock runs off when you hit the snooze button, hides itself somewhere and you cannot turn it off until you are fully awake to find it.
 Heart shaped pillows and key chains, lovebirds and a book of charms also find their way to teenager's heart. A DVDs collection of their favorite film star means so much to them that you can not even think of!
 Is your teenage princess asking for admission to Salsa class from long? Get her a membership this Christmas and see her getting overjoyed with happiness!
 Mobile Phones are a craze amongst teenagers? Get your teenage kids a beautiful and technologically latest Mobile Handset!
 Why not get him/her a customized room? You can make this Christmas special by getting their room wonderfully decorated like a prince's royal room or your princess' dream castle. Ask for their suggestion before you get their room redone.

 I rEally like the idea of redoing the room for a present...however...how the heck did Santa get in to do all of that while she was sleeping!!! HE'S MAGIC!! HO HO HO GOOD LUCK THIS SEASON! JUST JESS


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