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Friday, January 11, 2013

30 Things Post 4 Things I would tell My 16 Yr Old Self

I have been feeling very humbled doing this post. The questions listed on the 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me list had had my mind a rocking and a rolling. I have went down a memory lane that I forgot even existed! I highly recommend completing this list. It is for your children. Hence the title 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me, however, I have learned so much about myself completing the list. You will also. I should really say I have re-learned these things. They have always been there, just stored away temporarily  You can view the whole list by clicking the link above. A special Thank You to Kelly at A Mother's Design for originally sharing this post!

Post 4
5 Things you would tell your 16 year old self.

Wow 16! A tough but fun age! I have a 15 year old girl now so I have been struggling with a few teenagery angst issues as it is...so maybe this will be great advice to myself!!

1.  The "Popular" kids in high school who you think "has it all" really doesn't. They are just like you. Kids with parents and insecurities just the same.  They really are no better. Their poop does stink. After high school, when they step into the real world it doesn't matter how "Popular" you were. It truly, really doesn't. Do not LET yourself feel any less by comparing you to them.   It is OK to just be normal. Normal is good. And YOU are normal.

2. Enjoy youth. Do not be in a rush to move out and get a job. Once you are out the never ending cycle of life begins. Rent, electric. water and work. Start all over again, Rent, electric, water and work. It is a complete month to month rotation. Stay at home a little longer. SAVE some money. Find yourself and figure out what you REALLY want to do. Figure out what will make you HAPPY! This is easier to do at home under mom and dads roof and not in your own apartment trying to make ends meet!  There is NO rush!

3.  Most Boys really do want one thing at your age. They will say anything including you're beautiful and I love you. You have to use your gut instincts. You know down deep if it is right or not. Notice that i said " MOST BOYS". There are exceptions. You will just know. Again, there is NO rush. The right boy will always wait.

4.  I only have one regret. If I could have one Do-Over it would be to do better in school. I did what I had to do, I did the bare minimum and nothing more. Now if I have to submit my transcript to someone I am absolutely embarresed. This may be the ONLY thing that embarrasses me. I slacked. I am not dumb or stupid. In fact, i am pretty smart. But I wasn't smart enough then to know that sliding by would haunt me the rest of my life in educational situations. Do Your Best. Be proud of your GPA

5. Be happy with your body. If you aren't at this point then learn to be. Read up and educate. There is so much  advice out there at your fingertips. Your body is yours. It will be forever and there is nothing you can change about it. So therefore, you must learn to love your body. You should be proud of it. Take care of it. Decorate it to your liking. Just Love it!

Hope this helps my 16 year old self!!!

Want to do your own 30 THINGS???  CLICK HERE to view the whole list of questions and link up! The journey is FUN!

Have a Great Day!!


  1. Love this idea, such amazing advice for any young girl. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. great advice to give your self

  3. I really agree with number one. The things you wish you knew in school, that you know now!

  4. I have 16 yr old twin boys and this must be the hardest age by far. Between school advents, homework and telling them to go to bed and stop texting. Great post, I enjoyed reading it.

  5. What an adorable idea for a post!! I actually clicked the link too so maybe I can do this for my actual yo daughter!

  6. I would have so much to say to myself at 16, I wouldn't even know where to start!

  7. You made a perfect list. This is exactly what I would do. Thanks for getting me to think about this.

  8. This is EXACTLY what I wish I knew back then. I'm saving this for my own daughter- teen years approach way too fast! Thank you :)


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