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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Marriage Secrets

I was inspired by reading another's post about marriage.  It really got me thinking about mine and I want to share some of my thoughts. You can read the post that inspired me by clicking Here on 3 Sons Have I This coincidentally comes after a recent post that I listed on Facebook 3 days ago.

The post talks about me having a wonderful conversation with a lady when I described to her that I have been with my hubby for more than 15 years and our marriage is great.
Later that night I was thinking about how proud I was to talk about it. I am proud that we are where we are in our marriage and that was what inspired me to write the post on Facebook.

Here are a couple of things that we do to ensure a Happy & Healthy marriage.

1. We never ever ever call each other any names (maybe he has behind my back!!) We are respectful in that way. If he calls me a B or I call him an A hole then that gives everyone else permission also. I don't think he is an A Hole and I hope he doesn't ever think I am a B!

2. We don't argue. Well not regularly. I would be lying if I said that we NEVER argued. But overall, we don't argue We have had one argument that I can account for in the past 7 or 8 months (maybe longer). It was about Spaghetti Sauce. YES SPAGHETTI SAUCE!!  Now anyone who is married or in a relationship. knows that our argument wasn't over the Spaghetti Sauce!  So we argued. We didn't call each other names. I cried. He slammed a door. Then, WE FIXED IT. Neither one of us WON. We just fixed it. We both will always apologize. With a KISS and we will literally Squash it. Of course we talk about it and figure out what is really going on! But it is Squashed. We also make sure that these irregular arguments are not in front of the kids I am sure they know something is going on. They see me cry But overall we keep it away.

3. We cuddle. We touch, kiss, hold hands and say I Love you. These things are important. Sex is an always but outside of that we keep it intimate. If we are laying in bed going to sleep we are touching, feet are touching, or our legs are wrapped like a pretzel. If we are riding in the car, he will reach over and grab my hand. He still holds every single door and he calls me "MY LOVE" Example, "After you My LOVE".

4. We never, ever leave the house without Kissing goodbye and saying I LOVE YOU. Even if we are in one of those irregular arguments he will not hang up on me, he will say I LOVE YOU (in his I am mad voice) and then hang up. He might not wait for me to say it back but he still says it. That counts.

I love him. I consider myself LUCKY every single day. I am lucky to have found someone so great and find someone who loves me so much. I can honestly say he would do anything for me. He says that and means it with every inch of his soul.

I once heard..through some sort of counselor a great piece of advice on Marriage:
If each person spends each day trying to make their significant other Happy then the marriage will survive. It is not about making me happy It is about making my husband happy And for my husband it is about making me happy. If we live by that then we will last!

What about you? What is your secret? What are some of the things you do to keep things going great?


  1. We always say I love you, just like you, over the phone, walking out the door, every night before we go to sleep, we give each other a kiss and say I love you. He always holds the door open for me, opens my car door, tells me how beautiful I am, and this is everyday.

  2. I know marriage is work going on 21 yrs this month and we are still working at it

  3. Thank you! We never leave the house w/o a goodbye kiss or welcome home kiss also! lovin' this Chain reaction about Marriage we have in our Blogs!

    1. It's important..you got me thinking..maybe I will get someone else thinking!

  4. I divorced my husband after one year of marriage, so I don't have a secret, hehe. But I was young, learned my lesson and will keep this tips in mind if I decide to marry again.

  5. Great tips Jess. I wish I could say I did them all but I call my hubby names (jokingly of course) we both know it's not serious. We do fight about "sauce" at times. Like you say its always an argument about something stupid but we fix it and move on. We always say I love you and most importantly for us is we never go to be angry at each other. Thanks for sharing your post.

  6. Great tips! I especially love the not leaving with saying I love you. You just never know if that will be your last moment!

  7. It's interesting to see how everyone's marriages differ. My husband and I work well together, but we certainly have our moments.

  8. I love seeing honest in posts about marriage! It's so few and far between that people talk about arguing over stupid things but also that they remind to simply be intimate with each other. We are big on hugs, kisses and holding hands in front of the kids too. They need a healthy example of affection :)


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