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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Keep HIM Happy

It is NO secret that I am in a happy, functioning marriage! (Thank Goodness). I am so Lucky. Like all couples we have our moments and sometimes get in the routine rut. Work, kids, bills, etc.

I once heard from a wise source that the way to make your marriage survive is to ALWAYS focus on making your spouse HAPPY. If he goes out of his way for you and you do the same for you...well then there is no room for unhappiness!

I still am always looking for tips and secrets on keeping it real. Whether is be in the bedroom or just everyday intimacy and gestures, I want to do my part in keeping my husband Happy.

Here are a few tips. My favorite ones that I have found while searching the web for all the Happy Secrets!


Do what you can to show him that he is not an obligation to you, a routine or a pattern but that he is the love of your life, your life partner and that he matters, today, tomorrow and always.


When my grandpa died, we were laying with my granna and she was grieving. During her sobs all she could mutter is 'Why did I get on him yesterday about closing the cabinet too tight. I argued with him over that and how he still hasn't quieted the washer, and I should have said other things'.......THAT STUCK WITH ME.  If I was to lose my hubby (Please NO) does it really matter that he didn't take out the garbage quick enough or that he was slow to change my windshield wipers. NO. I learned from that moment. I try to keep my mouth shut on the small things.  goes back to the ABC's of picking your battles.


Something we learn when we are young..Boys only want ONE THING!!..Well this is still kind of true when they are grown.  We connect emotionally and they NEED the physical connection.  Keep the zest and zing in the bedroom and realize that Sex is EXTREMELY  important to men.  Personally, I believe this is another area that goes back to the WISE ADVICE at the top of the post....Each of you should focus on making each other happy and the ZEST WILL ZING


Give him compliments on how amazing he is. How about how well he does as a provider and the extra miles he goes to be romantic. Compliment and fluff his ego on this. Of course don't go overboard or it will seem fake. I know as a woman I like to know I am appreciated so why wouldn't he? Surprise him with little things you know he loves. He will know you pay attention to him. I bring my husband Mt Dews if I am out running errands. It isn't much but I know he loves them and will welcome the surprise. Little things count!

Well these are just a few things. The list could go on and on. I believe starting small is better than over whelming yourself! Try a couple of these and you will see the appreciation immediately. These tips were either solely from me and my life experiences or from searching How to keep him happy on Google. You'd be surprised what you can learn from eHow and LifeScript!


  1. Great Advice! I also try to keep a happy marriage.

  2. Thanks for the great advice. I really have to work on nagging less and concentrate on what's important. Really appreciate your post.

  3. great tips, I need help in the nagging dept. that is something I am trying hard to work on!

  4. Great tips. I don't Nag my husband, there really is no need to.

  5. It is so funny how nagging is one of the most brought up factors...maybe this will stay with all of us to keep all of us from nagging!

  6. This is a great post and I agree with it all. Especially the nagging and the sex topics. Great advise - and it works too!


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