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Sunday, January 6, 2013

30 Things Your Kids Should Know Post 3 Describe your relationship with your spouse

I am participating in 30 Things Your Kids should know about Me. I first learned about this from Kelly at A Mother's Design. It is a FUN list of Q & A and really gets you thinking. You can view the Full list of questions by Clicking HERE!!

Post 3
Describe your relationship with your spouse

I Love this one. I could go on and on. As many of you know I recently dabbled on this a bit when I wrote about my Marriage Secrets. Needless to say I am excited to dabble a tad more!

I met my husband Charlie while working at Applebees. I was a waitress and he was a cook. He also proposed at that same location  about a year and a half after we met! That was sweet.
We get along very well. There is only a years difference in our age.

I also remember the very day that I knew JUST how much I loved him. Unfortunately it wasn't a lovey dovey moment. It was a scary moment. A co worker came in work to tell me he had been electrocuted working his at his new job. He was OK. But I freaked. Inside and out. I knew at that moment I couldn't live without him. I knew I loved him. I had since the beginning. But at that moment there was just a more magnified feeling. I thanked God over and over for not letting anything happen to him.

We have 3 children. 15, 10 and 8. We parent well together and back each other up We have a very nice, non argumentative relationship.  We do not call each other names. We are super affectionate. We have a Super King bed but take up about a twin size portion of the bed. We kiss before we leave each other and always say I Love You. I will not in any way pretend that we are Perfect but We are pretty close. In my eyes anyway. It's as close to perfection as I would like and he makes me very happy.

He will NEVER EVER let anyone talk bad about his wife or children.
He would die for me. I know this. And that is more than anyone could ask for.

I consider myself very LUCKY. I found him. He found me. There are so many people still looking for that special someone.!!!

Do you wanna join in on this??? It makes you think and kind of makes you learn about yourself. You can view the whole list and LINK UP by Clicking HERE!!


  1. Aww you guys sound like a perfect couple! I love that :)

  2. That sounds great. My hubby are like that for the most part except we fight like cat and dog some days

  3. That is so sweet. My husband and I are like that. This is both our second marriage, we both learned a lot from the first and didn't do the same mistakes with ours. We have been married for 10 years, and I have to say great years..

    1. I am happy you all both learned from it. That is what will make you both successful this time around! Good LUCK!!

  4. That is wonderful! You are so very right! I love this idea and this post!

  5. How sweet! Thanks for sharing. The 30 Things your kids should know... sounds like a great idea!

  6. Awwwww I LOVE this post! You two sound so sweet. A lot of the things you said remind me of my relationship with my hubby. This looks fun, maybe I will join?

  7. That is so sweet! It sounds like something all kids should know about their parents! Unfortunately so many of them don't get this :(


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